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State Engineering Award 2015

AeroMap is awarded for their project "Development of a Fully Stabilized Multisensor-Platform Based on a Light Aircraft - Photogrammetry and Laserscanninc Cost Efficient" with a nomination for the Austrian State Engineering Award.

AeroMap is a worldwide provider of high resolution remote sensing data and system integrator for sensor hardware. We operate a sophisticated 3-axis stabilized remote sensing platform on our ultralight aircraft.

For mapping activities outside Europe, we use a sensor system from Joanneum Research. The system can be mounted on any Cessna 182 and 206 models. 

We develop and integrate remote sensing hard- and software solutions.

Easy, simple and efficient

Our strengths:

    • Cost effective mapping, ideal for small projects in central Europe.
    • Fast and flexible reaction to customer requests
    • Cooperation with leading development and processing partners, providing state of the art solutions
    • We provide exactly what you need

    As we use the most up to date mapping systems and gimbals, we provide high quality data for small to medium sized project areas. The final product quality is only as good as the input data, so AeroMap only focuses on efficiently mapping and data preprocessing. Our partner companies carry out the additional data processing for this generation of tailored products.